Some stuff from my time at California College of the Arts. I had such wonderful instructors who aided my development so much, encouraging me to branch out and try new approaches and methods. Here's a few of the pieces I'm proudest of. 

Assignment: Poster illustration proposal for a real music festival. I chose "All Tomorrow's Parties", often shortened to ATP, leaving space at the bottom for the artist line-up.

Assignment: Cover for a Criterion Collection release of the film "AI: Artificial Intelligence".            I chose to focus on the film's references to the story of Pinocchio, and the main character's desire to find the "Blue Fairy" who can transform him into a real boy.

Assignment: Book cover, spine, and back cover for George Orwell's novel "1984"                   (and I thought this wouldn't be relevant anymore... I was wrong)

Assignment: Two page spread, with room for headline text, for an article on lethal police brutality against the black community.